In this section you will find a set of articles, case studies that were taken from real file which Gaman team faced deploying different projects.

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Twilio Cloud Connect with Cisco Cloud Service Router 1000V in AWS
Publish date: 2019-02-24

Integration between Twilio Cloud Connect service and Cisco equipment (ex. Cisco Cloud Service Router 1000V) maybe be hard. Documentation provided by Twilio presents residual information that in most cases will be no enough. Presented article describes configuration steps and troubleshooting tips that maybe useful when building this type of integration.

Cisco Call Manager

CUCM - External Call Control Feature
Publish date: 2019-04-02
Update date: 2020-03-08

What can you do with Cisco Call Manager External Call Control Feature? Article describes idea of the system that can be used to help save people’s lives – notifies additional personnel in case of emergency. It can be also useful to additional routing policies based on the bought service.


Cisco Contact Center

CVP Reporting Server Troubleshooting Tips
Publish date: 2024-06-09

Does your CVP Reporting Server works, are you experiencing issues? In this article you will find problem descriptions and solution that Gaman team encountered when working with CVP Reporting Server.

UCCX with PowerBI
Publish date: 2021-12-23

Have you ever wondered how to connect PowerBI to Cisco UCCX and use the power of data visualization? The article describes how to gain access to data and the tools needed for this operation. The article describes the process of configuration of UCCX data source in PowerBI.

CORS Support for PCCE/UCCE Configuration API
Publish date: 2020-11-13

Cisco Configuration API is delivered on PCCE/UCCE Logger and Distributor machines. The API is designed to be called directly – from any 3rd party application but not to be called as a part of the 3rd party web application. So what to do in this case? The article describes how to enable the CORS on PCCE/UCCE servers that host Configuration API.

Cisco Finesse Notifications
Publish date: 2019-12-31

Cisco Finesse API introduced in version 11.X a new API that allows developers to use the notifications to inform the users that some action has taken place on Finesse UI – Finesse Toaster API. Developers, that create custom gadgets received a tool that can hide/override the browser Notification API. But is it worth to replace the native API?

UCCE, PCCE, UCCX SSO Tips & Tricks
Publish date: 2019-07-25

Implementing SSO in Cisco contact center products (UCCE/PCCE, UCCX) can be tricky and may cause some problems. The article describes problems that the Gaman Team faced during SSO configuration and how they were resolved. Document also describes the troubleshooting approach on the components used in the SSO process.

UCCX Outbound Tricks & Tips
Publish date: 2019-01-15

Have you thought about problems that you may experience once deploying outbound in UCCX? Below you can find information, tricks and potential problems that you may experience during the outbound deployment process. All topics are taken from real life based on Gaman experience (UCCX version 11.6).

UCCX IVR Outbound Campaign Callback
Publish date: 2018-12-24

Did you ever think about a callback feature in the UCCX Dialer IVR Campaigns? Here is a case study and a proposal of the solution that can be used in real life as a substitute of missing feature in UCCX product.


Gaman Live Chat
Publish date: 2022-09-19

How to deploy chat solution on the website. What will be needed? Article describes that the Gaman team used to deploy a custom chat solution on corporate Website.